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PaintFlex® Water Base Paint for Acrylic

New Invented Paint that it :
 √ Insoluble in water after drying.
 √ excellent without sanding (Sand-less)
   on the Acrylic.
 √ Prevent Colour Fading up to 5 year at Exterior
 √ Prevent Fungus Damages up to 5 year at Exterior

What is Insoluble in water after drying.
 • You can use PaintFlexR Water Base Paint at outdoor. It does not affected by rain.
 • You can clean up by water or wet textile.

What is Sand-Less Finishing for New Acrylic.
 • Does not require sanding on the Acrylic and between Coats for proper paint adhesion
 • No Sanding & Paint dust
 • Saves Labour, Time & Money

What is Sand-Less Re-Finishing for Maintenance Acrylic.
 • PaintFlexR Water Base can be reapplied on itself for restoration, maintenance,
  or touch up without sanding.
 • Not require sanding on the PaintFlex®Water Base on the acrylic surface
  and between Coats for proper adhesion
 • Saves Labour, Time & Money
    Note: If your acrylic Surface painted/Coated with conventional Paint/Coatings,
     it may be request to remove conventional paint/Coatings case by case before
     apply PaintFlex® Water Base

What is Colour Fading protection on the painted of Acrylic
 • PaintFlex® Water Base special pigments protect against colour fading up to 5 Years
  for both exterior and interior applications.
 • Weathering Test report is available

What is anti-Fungal protection on the painted of Acrylic
Anti-Fungal Signal Technology, protects from fungus up to 5 years for both Exterior and Interior applications.
 • Inhibits Fungus from colonizing painted surfaces using Anti-Fungal Signal Technology.
 • Fungus cannot survive on the paint coated with PaintFlex® Water Base
 • Protects from fungus up to 5 years, both interior & exterior.
 • Fungus cannot grow on the surface protected by PaintFlex® Water Base
 • Protects the surface against all types of fungus.
 • Eco friendly anti-fungal technology contains no dangerous Biocides & Toxins.

Exactly what is Anti-Fungal Signal Technology?
 • Anti-Fungal Signal Technology inhibits Fungus (Mould-Mildew) & survival
  attachment on the painted surfaces by signaling the fungal cells that the painted surface
  is not a hospitable location for growth and colonization.
 • It is a new method of fungal control. PaintFlex® Water Base reduces
  Fungal contamination by signaling the fungus, without the use of Biocides or
  Harmful Toxic Chemicals.
 • Anti-Fungus Test report is available.

Easy Apply technology
 • PaintFlex® Water Base is effective with just two coats
 • Does not require sanding for proper adhesion. No sanding dust.
 • Saves labor and money.
 • If you apply a second coat, the second coat can be applied 2 hours after the first coat.
  (2 hours: Temperature 20℃/ 68℉, Moisture: RH 60% or less.
  If it is cold weather and/or more humidity, you maybe wait more time.)
 • PaintFlex® Water Base can be applied at a minimum 5℃/ 40℉and above.
 • Dries fast. Dries to touch in as little as 20 minutes.
 • PaintFlex® Water Base can be reapplied for restoration, maintenance, or
  touch up without sanding. Original PaintFlex® Water Base surface just needs to
  be clean and solid (not peeling). Can be prepped by washing with water.
 • Can be applied by Brush, Roller, or Spray.
 • Single component Paint: No primer, No hardener, No top coat required.

PaintFlex® Water Base Additional Benefits
 • If Paintflex® Water Base is frozen in its container, it will not affect its usability.
   How to use when PaintFlex® Water Base paint is frozen
    Step1. Just thaw at room temperature
    Step2. mix PaintFlex® Water Base paint
    Step3. Now, it is ready for use.
 • Breathable
 • Resistant to UV Light itself.
 • Easy clean up. (Clean painting tools by water before dry)
 • Flexible. Expands and contracts with the substrate, whether by moisture,
  temperature, flexing or vibration.
 • Resists cracking, peeling, flaking
 • Long shelf life (2 years)
 • Ecologically and environmentally friendly.
 • No emissions that are harmful to health. Food and Water contact friendly
 • Can be used both interior and exterior
 • Beautiful matte finish
 • Ready to use
 • Not flammable

 • Food & Water contact friendly
 • RoHS 'Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant

Dilution & Coating Chart
Apply with Dilution
by Brush Add 10% Water
2 Coats
Between Coats interval Min.2 hours.
No need sanding between coats for adhesion.
by Roller Add 10% Water
2 Coats
Between Coats interval Min.2 hours.
No need sanding between coats for adhesion.
by Spray Add 50 ∼ 100% Water
2 Coats
Between Coats interval Min.2 hours.
No need sanding between coats for adhesion.
Note: Apply Minimum Temperraure +5℃/ +40℉.