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PaintFlex® Paint for FRP / GRP

PaintFlex® Adhesion Paint Binding Permanently between Previously applied Gel Coated FRP-GRP-Glass Fibre surface and Conventional Car Colour Paint & Colour-Clear Gel Coats Without surface preparation like sanding:
It is common knowledge previously Gel coated FRP-GRP surface are non-receptive to bonding with Conventional Color-Clear Gel Coats ,Car Paint/Coating and other functional Paints direct without heavy ,painful sanding.  

PaintFlex® Offer a Permanent binding Options on the Previously Gel Coated FRP-GRP-Glass Fibre Products:

PaintFlex® Binding between the Previously Gel Coated FRP-GRP-Glass Fibre Products and
↔ Conventional Colour + Clear Gel Coats
↔ Conventional Car Paint (Unlimited Colurs like Metallic and Fancy Colours) +
  Finishing Top Coat with Clear Gel coats.
↔ Filler /Putty for repairing damages like hole, Scratching and others.
↔ Conventional Functional Paints like Anti-Fouling, Reflection paint, Anti Slip,
  anti-static Paint and others

PaintFlex® Some Benefits
Direct Adhesion on the Previously /Old Gel Coated surface without sanding
 → Between Previously Gel Coated surface and Conventional Colour paint,
  Filler and Colour + Clear Gel Coats
Saving your time and Labour cost
Clean Environment By Eliminate Sanding
Fast delivery the painting projects
Unlimited Colour Options which it wa not easy,previously.
 → Transferring Conventional Car paints, which is Color fading resistance,
  options like Metallic, Gold and Fancy Colours on the Previously Gel Coated surface
Finishing Top Coat with Conventional Clear Gel Coat or Clear Lacquer.
 → Homogenous Color Finishing (Less Discoloration)
It can re-paint and change the Colours unlimited
Easy repair Spider cracks and other damages
Is easy to apply via a single, simple process by brush /Roller or Spray.
Can apply at any place (indoor/Outdoor)
Super Flexible: Resist to expand & Contract, vibrations, Stay Elastic all time.
Is highly UV resistant itself.
Block UV Ray 99%
 → it will be Expand FRP/GRP Life at exterior from UV-Degradations
 → Protect from UV-Chaulking
Power Wash resistance
Single component, no need hardener (Not Pot Life).
Long shelf life like 5 year.

Food contact friendly
RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant