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PaintFlex® for PVC Products

  Permanent Cosmetic Painting for
    PVC PIPE and other PVC Products


 √ Turn to PVC & PVC PIPE into Eye Catching Super Glossy
 √ Cosmetic Colors Finishing & All Weather Resistance by PaintFlex®

Problem for PVC Products

 PVC Plastic has traditionally suffered from the disadvantage that it cannot be reliably
Glossy painted, Decorated & Protected

Other Disadvantage of ordinary PVC like:
 › Color Fading -Discoloration & UV Damages.
 › Single Master-batched Matte Color Finishing (Cheap Looking)

PaintFlex® has solved the problem.

 You can do on the PVC Products the Followings
 • Single Glossy/Matte Color Finishingon the same substrate
 • Multiple Glossy/Matte Color Finishing on the same substrate
 • Protect from UV Damage and Expand Product Life

PaintFlex® Benefits
 • Super Glossy or Matte Finishing
 • Resistance to expand/Contract & Vibration.
 • Resistance to Peeling and cracking
 • Protect UV Light Damages
 • Fading Resistance
 • Scratching resistance
 • Single Component, No Pot Life, shelf Life is 5 years
 • Power Wash resistance(If it need Clean by water)
 • Apply by standard painting tools like spray/Brush/Roller

PaintFlex® Additional Benefits
 • Add Eye Catching Glossy Cosmetics & Decoration on the PVC Products
   (Not Cheap Looking)
 • Expand product life from UV Damage and Color fading at exterior
 • Allow binding on itself as a Primer direct most Conventional Color and functional
   Car / Marine Paints

 • Food & Water contact friendly
 • RoHS 'Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant