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PaintFlex® for Stainless

 √ Turn to Your Stainless Pool into Eye Catching Cosmetic Finishing
 √ Protect From Chlorine damages by PaintFlex®

Problem for Stainless Pool

Stainless pool has traditionally suffered from the disadvantage that it cannot be reliably painted
And affected by Chlorine Chemical.
Although stainless steel is extremely durable, it can be damaged by exposure to chlorine
especially when submerged for an extended period of time, and repeatedly, in chlorinated water,
And once this happens, the stainless steel is vulnerable to corrosion and further pitting and damage.

PaintFlex® has solved the problem.

 You can do On the Stainless(304/316) the Followings
 • Single Glossy Color Finishing
 • Multiple Glossy Color Finishing on the same substrate
 • Permanent Protection from Chlorine Damages

PaintFlex® Benefits
 • Not request Sanding or Mechanical damages for Adhesion on the Stainless
 • Not affected from Chlorine Chemical damages like Color discoloration,
  Pitting damage and others.
 • Resistance to expand/Contract & Vibration.
 • Resistance to Peeling and cracking
 • UV Light & Color Fading Resistance
 • Scratching resistance
 • Power Wash resistance
 • Single component :No pot life & Shelf life is 5 years.
 • No need Primer for Adhesion & No need top Coat from UV Protection.
 • All standard and RAL Custom Colors are available
 • Apply by standard painting tools like spray/Brush/Roller

PaintFlex® Additional Benefits
 • Add Eye Catching Glossy Cosmetics on the Stainless (Not Cold Looking)
 • Expand Life of your Stainless Pool against Pool Chemicals
 • Direct use as a Colors itself or
  Allow binding as a primer on itself direct most Conventional Color of Car/Marine Paints

 • Food & Water contact friendly
 • RoHS 'Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant