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PaintFlex® Paint for Wood

PaintFlex® WoodGuard for PERMANENT WOOD Protection
PaintFlex® WoodGuard: New Invented Revolutionary Fungus
Repellent Technology for Wood Protection
Turning Grey & Fungus(Mould-Mildew) Resistance min 5 Years
Sandless Adhesion for Finishing and Refinishing.
It is a Good Option to Conventional Fungus/Mould/Mildew Wood Protection Paint  

Type of Wood
Solid Hard Woods: Teak/IPE and others
Solid Soft Wood; Pine /Larch and others.

Key Benefits:
Turning Grey Resistance minimum 5 years (Japanese Standard Weathering Test report is available).
Fungus(Mould-Mildew) inhibiting signal technology minimum 5 years
(Japanese Standard Fungus Test report is available)
Sandless Adhesion for Finishing and Refinishing( No Sanding/No Wood Dust / Dirt and other Toxic Waste Materials).

Other Benefits:
Penetrate inside of the Wood (Not Film Form)
Water Base -Breathable
No Brushing Mark & No Discolouration after finishing
No sanding between Coats for Adhesion
(No Wood /Paint Dust, Dirt and No Wasting of Paint by sanding, Save of Time and Labor)
Can be applied at low temperature such as 5°C / 40°F and above.
Dries fast between Coats little as a 30min(Save of Time and Labor).
Peeling and cracking resistance
UV Resistance
Can be applied by Brush, Roller, or Spray.
Ready to use & Single component Paint: No primer, No hardener, No top coat required.
Long Shelf Life
Toxic Free /Biocide Free (No need Poison and dangerous impegration)
No lost the Functions when it frozen during the transportation /at the Cold Storage under Zero Temperature, it return to original functions in normal Room temperature.
Easy Maintanance ( No Sanding /No Dust & No Dirt-Save time and Labour)
Food Contact Friendly( Food Contact Test report is available).
Suitable for Toys ,Garden Furniture and other Safety Wood Protection products.
Over 99% Effective
Built-In (Non-leaching)
Long Lasting
Lab Tested Safe
No Heavy Metals
Eco Friendly

Matte / Not Hide Natural Wood Texture

Food contact friendly
RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant

Some Technical information
Water base, single component, ready to use it.
No "pot life, Near Zero Waste", Extra-long shelf life like 2 year
Free of heavy metals: no lead, cadmium, chrome including Isocyanate
No Toxic and Match International VOC Standard.