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PaintFlex® for Wood

  PaintFlex® WoodGuard:
    New Invented Revolutionary Wood Protection Paint

 √ Turning Grey & Fungus(Mould-Mildew) Resistance
   min. 2 Years,
 √ Sandless Adhesion for Finishing and Refinishing
 √ Compliances with
   → All kind of
     Solid Hard Wood (Teak and Others) &
     Solid Soft Woods (Pine and Others)

PaintFlex® Type
 • Colouring Paint
   (Not Hide Natural Wood Texture. See the pictures).
 • Matte

PaintFlex® Benefits
 • Turning Grey Resistance minimum 2 years
   (Japanese Standard Weathering Test report is available).
 • Fungus(Mould-Mildew) inhibiting signal technology minimum 2 years
   (Japanese Standard Fungus Test report is available).
 • Sandless Adhesion for Finishing and Refinishing
   ( No Sanding/No Wood Dust/Dirt and other Toxic Waste Materials).

PaintFlex® Additional Benefits
 • Penetrate inside of the Wood(Not Film Form)
 • Water Base
 • Breathable
 • No Brushing Mark & No Discolouration after finishing
 • No sanding between Coats for Adhesion
   (No Wood/Paint Dust, Dirt and No Wasting of Paint by sanding, Save of Time and
 • Can be applied at low temperature such as 5°C / 40°F and above.
 • Dries fast between Coats little as a 30min(Save of Time and Labor).
 • Peeling and cracking resistance
 • UV Resistance
 • Can be applied by Brush, Roller, or Spray.
 • Ready to use & Single component Paint: No primer, No hardener,
   No top coat required.
 • Long Shelf Life
 • Toxic Free /Biocide Free
   (No need Poison and dangerous impegration before painting)
 • No lost the Functions when it frozen during the transportation /at the Cold Storage
   under Zero Temperature, it return to original functions in normal Room temperature.
 • Easy Maintanance ( No Sanding /No Dust & No Dirt-Save time and Labour)
 • Food Contact Friendly(European Standard Weathering Test report is available).
    Suitable for Toys ,Garden Furniture and other Safety Wood Protection products.

 • Food & Water contact friendly
 • RoHS 'Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) Compliant